Carnegie Hill Village was established to assist older residents of Manhattan’s Carnegie Hill neighborhood with social connections, information and personal resources that can enable them to continue living at home, in their neighborhood, as they age.

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Fishing 2020
Fishing 2020

A Celebration of Summer in Middle and Modern English

Sumer is icumen in                      Summer has arrived
Lhude sing cuccu                         Loudly sing, cuckoo!
Groweþ sed                                 The seed is growing
and bloweþ med                          and the meadow is blooming,
and springþ be wde nu                And the wood is coming into leaf now,
Sing cuccu                                   Sing, cuckoo!

Awe bleteþ after tomb                 The ewe is bleating after her lamb,
lhouþ after cal cu                         The cow is lowering after her calf;
Bulluc sterteþ                               The bullock is prancing,
bucks uerteþ                                The billy-goat farting,
murie sing cuccu                          Sing merrily, cuckoo!

Cuccu cuccu                                Cuckoo, cuckoo,
Wel singes þu cuccu                    You sing well, cuckoo,
ne swik þu nature nu                    Never stop now.

Sing cucc nu • Sing cuccu.           Sing cuckoo, now; sing, cuckoo;
Sing cucc nu • Sing cuccu.           Sing, cuckoo; sing, cuckoo, now!


Medieval Poem

Community Resources

As part of its mission, CHV does its best to provide useful information for its members, including local resources that can help them live fuller, healthier and more active lives. In a big city like New York it can sometimes be a challenge to find such resources. We hope that members and friends will take the opportunity to review the offerings identified in this Community Resources area where volunteers have assembled a list under the headings of General Support, Volunteer Opportunities, Health, Education & Enrichment and Government. 

We also welcome suggestions for additions to the current list.

Education & Enrichment

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General Support

Health Advocates for Older People

Home safety visits, tours, movies
free for participants
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Volunteer Opportunities

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