Carnegie Hill Village was established to assist older residents of Manhattan’s Carnegie Hill neighborhood with social connections, information and personal resources that can enable them to continue living at home, in their neighborhood, as they age.

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The latest in our collection of poems paired with photographs from around our community.

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A Walk in the Park
A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park

A walk in the park.
I've got to get some sense 
Back into my head.
I`m in the dark.
And I can`t see 
Where I`m being led.
I`d give the world
To set the clock back
And act like a man.
Where can I turn
To save myself from this confusion.

A walk in the park, a step in the dark.
A walk in the park, a trip in the dark.
I`m getting away, escaping today.

A walk in the park.
Away from all 
The busy streets of my mind.
I seek a straighter path.
I seek a shady clay in which to unwind.
But why do we go on.
In spite of mistakes.
In spite of destruction.
Life can be fun
Depending on the situation.

The Nick Straker Band

Community Resources

As part of its mission, CHV does its best to provide useful information for its members, including local resources that can help them live fuller, healthier and more active lives. In a big city like New York it can sometimes be a challenge to find such resources. We hope that members and friends will take the opportunity to review the offerings identified in this Community Resources area where volunteers have assembled a list under the headings of General Support, Volunteer Opportunities, Health, Education & Enrichment and Government. 

We also welcome suggestions for additions to the current list.

Education & Enrichment

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General Support

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New York City Department for the Aging

Listing of agencies
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Volunteer Opportunities

New York City Department for the Aging

List of opportunities
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