About Us

Carnegie Hill Village is part of a nationwide movement that enables people, as they age, to continue living in the communities where they have established strong and comfortable roots. For many older adults, “village” communities such as ours can provide an alternative to leaving a current home for a residential retirement community.

Carnegie Hill Village was first envisioned in 2016 by a group of long-time residents of Carnegie Hill, the area of Manhattan from 86th to 98th Streets, between Fifth and Third Avenues, a community not served by any of the existing village communities in New York City. Beginning In 2022, our membership area was enlarged to include the area between 79th and 98th Streets, from Fifth to East End Avenues. Carnegie Hill Village is a fully incorporated non-profit organization with a growing membership and activities and events organized by and for members (click here to view Upcoming Events and Group Activities.)

Mission Statement

Carnegie Hill Village was established to assist older residents of Manhattan’s Carnegie Hill neighborhood with social connections, information and personal resources that can enable them to continue living at home, in their neighborhood, as they age.

Our Members

CHV members constitute a volunteer network of neighbors who wish to age in place while maintaining their autonomy and quality of life. CHV seeks to help its members:

  • Maintain and broaden their social connections;

  • Access information about resources to assist aging in place;

  • Identify and organize activities of interest to other members; and

  • Increase neighborhood awareness of issues of importance to aging in place.


Board of Directors


  • Henry Conley
  • Maria Cox
  • Roberta Krakoff
  • Anthony Miserandino
  • Tom O’Connor
  • Anne Mills
  • Phillip (Pete) Palmer
  • Alden Prouty
  • Stephen Reynolds
  • Chris Robinson
  • Gilda Wray