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Please note that each member must have a unique email address in order to create an account with us and each member must apply separately.

The annual fee of $100 entitles one individual to participation in Village activities for one year. You will receive a welcome email upon review and approval of your application.

Carnegie Hill Village (CHV) is a 501(c) (3) organization. Additional contributions are tax-deductible and help Carnegie Hill Village keep neighborhood seniors connected and in their homes.

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Terms and Conditions

If I choose to attend any CHV activity, I accept complete responsibility for my wellbeing in this activity. I understand that no responsibility is assumed by CHV or the owners of space we are using. I hereby release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless CHV and such owners, and their respective officers, directors and employees from any loss, expense or liability which results from my participation in such activities. I also acknowledge my responsibility to travel to, and independently participate in, such activities.

CHV may also provide information on service vendors who have been recommended by other CHV members or services offered by members. These vendors are in no way recommended or guaranteed by CHV, but rather they are listed as a referral service between members. Should I select the services of a referred vendor, I will be responsible for carrying out all negotiations and subsequent payments. CHV will not, under any circumstances, have any direct or indirect responsibility or liability for services contracted for or by members with other members or third-party vendors.